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Changing Lives/Donations

Changing Lives While Changing Your Address®

When you choose to work with me as your REALTOR and have a written representation agreement. I will voluntarily donate 10% of my net commission received to the 501c3 charity of your choice after each fully funded buyer and/or seller closing. This applies to buyer or seller representation only.

There are no increased fees NOR additional brokerage fees for Evelyn Botts to represent you! Any compensation to be received is negotiated individually and typically paid for by the seller. However, every property and client is different and terms will be agreed to within the seller’s listing agreement or the buyer’s representation form upfront and prior to your transaction. The amount of the donation varies from property to property and is determined at closing.

Donations are made after the close of escrow and presented to the receiving organization within 5 business days of net compensation Evelyn Botts receives from Keller Williams. All donations are made to a registered 501c3 organization of my client’s choice and in no way will imply nor constitute a relationship between Evelyn Botts, Keller Williams or any partnering organization, business and affiliation. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) requires all donations to be voluntary and that no finders or referral fee will be paid to any organization. No donations will be made to any individual nor to any group that is not a registered 501c3 organization.

All donations will be made in my client’s name. However, tax deductions will remain with Evelyn Botts, as it is a reduction of income received from Keller Williams.

If a client is not working directly with Evelyn Botts, Realtor with a signed agency agreement; a donation will not occur, as no agency representation is known, expected nor understood.

All transactions will use standard TAR forms other than the client’s donation designation form.

Any pictures used have been authorized by client signature.

Public announcement is NOT required!